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Note: this biography only takes into account volumes 1 to 3. There were major changes to HRG’s past in volume 5 (*cough*retcon*cough*), so this biography is now out of date.


Aug 6 1962 – Noah Bennet is born. (1.14 Distractions; this information comes from a prop, and has yet to be verified)

1985 – Noah marries Sandra Bennet (3.22 Turn and Face the Strange).

1991 – Noah is hired by the Company, presumably by Eric Thompson Sr. He is trained by Ivan Spektor in Odessa, Ukraine (Comic: Team Building Excercise); then he is assigned Claude Rains, an evolved human with the ability to turn invisible, as his partner. (1.17 Company Man)
(the dates for these events are unclear – Company Man states that they happened "fifteen years ago", putting the event in 1991, the comic Golden Handshake puts the event "seventeen years ago" in 1990, while the comic Team Building Excercise puts Noah’s training "eighteen years ago" in 1989; what seems clear is that Noah’s training with Ivan lasted about one year before joined Primatech Paper and met Claude)

February 28 1992 – While Noah is on a mission with Claude, their target, Meredith Gordon, explodes in flames and sets fire to her apartment. Noah saves her young child, Claire (Comic: Hell’s Angel). Later, Kaito Nakamura makes Noah adopt Claire, so that he can monitor her in case she develops an ability (1.17 Company Man). A Claire coming from the future prevents Bennet from letting Kaito transfer the catalyst to Claire (3.12 Our Father).

1992 – Sandra finds Noah’s gun and panics. Thompson brings in the Haitian, presenting him for the first time to Noah, so that he can erase Sandra’s memory. (1.17 Company Man; exact date unknown, but after the move from New York to Odessa)

July 16 1992 – Lyle Bennet is born (3.18 Exposed; this information comes from a prop, and seems illogical, since Sandra was having trouble getting pregnant in February of that same year)

December 1998 – Noah and Claude are on a mission in Moscow, Russia, to bag an age-shifter. Their old mentor Ivan Spektor joins them. Noah hesitates to shoot the age-shifter when he turns into a child, and is dissuaded by Claude. The age-shifter flees, and during the pursuit, Claude lies, saying that he didn’t see him. Ivan manipulates Noah so that he kills the age-shifter, and alarms start to be raised as to Claude’s loyalties (Comics: Comrades Pt 1 & Pt 2).

1999 – Noah drives Claude to a bridge, revealing that the Company has told him that Claude is hiding an evolved human, and that they have ordered him to kill Claude. After a brief argument, Noah shoots Claude three times. Claude disappears, Noah supposes that he’s dead (1.17 Company Man).

2003 – Noah, now partnered with the Haitian, captures Howard Grigsby, an evolved human with the ability to produce brilliant light. During his mission, his eyes are damaged and he requires glasses (Comic: Blindsided). While choosing frames for his new glasses, Noah tells Claire that she is adopted. She chooses the horn-rimmed frames that become his trademark (1.17 Company Man).

between 2003 and 2006 – Noah and the Haitian bag and tag West in Saint Louis, MO. During this period, Mr. Muggles is already part of the Bennet family. (Comic: Special)

Late 2005 – Noah bag and tags Hana Gitelman, an evolved human with the ability to read and transmit electronic data. He pushes her to develop her ability by bringing her to a secret base in Alaska, telling her he’s from the CIA and that they need her services (Comics: Wireless Pt 2, The Death of Hana Gitelman Pt 1).

Early 2006 – After being captured on her first mission in Dar El Salaam, Tanzania, Hana finds out that Bennet lied to her about being CIA; she flees and disappears off the grid (Wireless Pt 4). (the timeline isn’t quite clear, but it seems that two months went by between Hana being bagged by the Company and her mission in Tanzania)

April 2006 – Eden McCain (formerly Sarah Ellis) is bagged and tagged by Noah and the Haitian in Los Angeles. Noah persuades her to use her powers for the greater good rather than for profit, and recruits her to investigate Chandra Suresh in New York (1.10 Six Months Ago). Noah also monitors a suicidal Gabriel Gray with the help of Elle Bishop, and makes her push him to use his ability-stealing by introducing him to a person with abilities (3.08 Villains).

Volume One

October 2006 – Sylar has begun killing, Noah and Elle visit the crime scene (3.08 Villains), and Bennet starts spying on Mohinder (1.01 Genesis, 1.03 Monsters). He also bags and tags Matt Parkman (1.04 Collision) and attemps to bag and tag Nathan Petrelli. Natha he manages to escape when he’s interrupted by a phone call. Claire has crashed her car with Brody, and Noah finds out that he tried to rape her. He makes Brody forget the entire incident, including Claire (1.05 Hiros).

Claire meets a couple recruited by Noah to pretend do be her biological parents. Noah finds out that Claire is in danger and asks Eden to bring in Isaac Mendez (1.06 Better Halves). Isaac can’t paint without using heroin, and Bennet makes Eden order him to use again, so that they can find out more about the danger threatening Claire (1.08 Seven Minutes to Midnight). The painting reveals that Sylar will attack Claire, and Noah forbids her to go to Homecoming. She goes all the same, and narrowly escapes being caught by Sylar when Peter saves her (Homecoming 1.09).

Claire tells her father that she has an ability and can heal. He sends the Haitian to erase her memories, as well as Lyle’s and Zach’s. The Haitian tells Claire to pretend that she’s forgotten. Sylar has been captured by Eden, who dies when she tries to make him commit suicide (Fallout 1.11). This event upsets Noah, who goes to announce her death to her father (Comic: Fathers and Daughters).

Noah is approached by Matt and FBI agent Audrey Hanson, who raid Primatech, searching for Sylar. They find nothing. Bennet tries to persuade Mohinder to hand over his father’s list, unsuccessfully (1.12 Godsend). Sylar manages to trick Bennet to think that he’s dead (1.13 The Fix) and manages to lock him in a cell at Primatech, before going to the Bennet home. Bennet and the Haitian arrive just in time to save Sandra, but have to erase her memories (1.14 Distractions).

Thanks to Isaac’s paintings, Noah finds out that Claude isn’t dead and that Peter has copied his ability (1.14 Distractions). He and the Haitian find Claude and Peter on the Deveaux roof. He manages to taser Claude, but Peter flies away with Claude. Noah receives a call from Claire, telling him to come home because her mother collapsed. Sandra is revealed to have a head injury and Claire accuses him of having caused it because of the frequent memory erasing. In the meantime, Wireless rounds up Matt and Ted, explaining to them how they should confront Bennet (1.16 Unexpected).

Wireless rounds up Matt and Ted, explaining to them how they should confront Bennet (1.16 Unexpected). They arrive in his house and take the family hostage. Bennet tells Matt to shoot claire to defuse the situation, then leaves with him to Primatech, to fetch confidential files about them. Ted loses control of his powers when Thompson shoots him, and the Bennet house is burnt down. Claire’s ability is revealed, Thompson orders Bennet to bring her in. In the meantime, Bennet sends a file to Hana to help her take down the company. He then drives with Claire and the Haitian to the bridge, and upon Bennet’s request, the Haitian shoots him and erases his memory, before fleeing with Claire (1.17 Company Man, comic: Family Man).

November 2006 – Bennet wakes up at Primatech, his memories gone. Once he gets home, Sandra gives him a note from himself saying that Claire is safe. He is then sent to Isaac’s loft with Candice Wilmer, to cover up Simone’s death. When he returns, he talks to Sandra about his plan to hide Claire, only to realise that he was talking to Candice impersonating Sandra. He is taken in by Thompson (1.18 Parasite). He manages to escape with the help of Matt and Ted. They then head out for New York, to take out the "Walker system", a localisation system (1.19 0.7%). They also meet Hana, and Bennet tells her to take out a satellite used by the Company for localisation (The Death of Hana Gitelman Pt 1).

Once in New York, Noah is briefly reunited with Claire (1.21 The Hard Part). He gets into The Company’s New York offices with Matt to take down the Walker System. After having killed Thompson to save Matt, Noah is surprised to find that the "location system" is Molly Walker, a little orphaned girl with a locating ability. Mohinder prevents him from killing her (1.22 Landslide). He finally uses Molly’s power to locate Sylar so that they can stop him.

November 8 2006 – Noah finds Peter an brings him to Kirby Plaza where Sylar is. Noah is quickly neutralised by Sylar, but Nathan prevents Peter from blowing up the city. Noah and Claire then return to their family (1.23 How to Stop an Exploding Man).

Sometime between November 2006 and March 2007 – The Bennets drive to California to settle in Costa Verde. On the road, in a diner in Arizona, Noah spots a man with the ability to crumple people, Marcus. He captures him and calls the Company so that they come to pick him up. Bob tells him he can come back to them, but he refuses (Comic: Normal Lives).

Volume Two

March 2007 – Noah brings Claire to her first day in her new school and tells her to be extremely discreet, and not to forget their new identity, the Butlers. He also gives Claire a car. He has a job in Copy Kingdom, but makes it clear with some physical coercion on his manager that he can come and go as he pleases. Noah is in fact planning to bring down the Company, and Mohinder has managed to get inside to serve this purpose (2.01 Four Months Later). He finds out that Kaito has died and reveals that he has a painting showing Kaito’s death. Mohinder has healed the Haitian from the Shanti virus and the Haitian joins Noah at Copy Kingdom (2.02 Lizards). Noah becomes alarmed when he receives a picture of him shot in the eye, with Claire embracing a figure in the background (2.03 Kindred), and starts becoming suspicious of Claire, thinking that she’s seeing a boy in secret. Claire starts lying to him to hide that she’s dating West (2.04 The Kindness of Strangers).

Noah and the Haitian go to Odessa, Ukraine, to retrieve the other paintings, to find out more about Isaac’s prophecies. Noah starts losing control over Mohinder, who brings Molly to the Company when Molly falls ill, against Noah’s instructions (2.05 Fight or Flight). In Odessa, Noah tortues Ivan by removing important memories in order to find the location of the paintings. Once Ivan tells him, he shoots him to cover up his presence in Odessa. He finds the other paintings (2.06 The Line). One of them features Mohinder holding a gun, and Noah calls him to ask if he has a gun and to send him the pictures, but Mohinder refuses, feeling watched by the Company and not knowing who to trust (2.07 Out of Time).

On returning to California, Noah finds out that Claire has a boyfriend and decides that they must move (2.07 Out of Time). Claire doesn’t want to leave and fights with Noah, and Bennet sets out to find West. He asks Mohinder to locate him via Molly, but West finds him before Mohinder has time to call him back. Just when Noah and West are fighting, Mohinder calls Noah back, giving him a fake address where he can supposedly find West. Noah turns up to find Elle and Mohinder, but West helps him incapacitate them. Noah brings an unconscious Elle home and finds Sandra tied up. She tells him Bob kidnapped Claire, and Noah organises a trade with him, Claire for Elle. During the trade, things get out of hand and Mohinder shoots Noah in the eye, while West flies Claire away. The Company brings back Noah’s corpse and Mohinder reanimates him with the blood Bob stole from Claire (2.09 Cautionary Tales, 2.10 Truth and Consequences).

March 20 2007 – Thinking her father is dead, Claire wants to reveal the Company to the media, but Bob sends Noah to visit her and to tell her to give up her plan (2.11 Powerless).

Volume Three

March 20-23 2007 – Noah is being kept in the Company’s Level 5 detainment section (3.01 The Second Coming), but Elle lets him out when Sylar enters the building, asking him to help. Noah shoots Sylar, but he heals and reveals that he stole Claire’s power. After a brief battle, Elle lets all the other prisoners escape, but Noah manages to drag an unconscious Sylar into a cell before escaping. He is briefly renited with Claire, before leaving to hunt the escaped prisoners, but brings in Meredith Gordon to protect Claire and his family (3.02 The Butterfly Effect). Noah returns to the Company, and Angela assigns him Sylar as a partner, to his great distaste. They head to a bank robbery caused by three escapees and Noah goes in as negotiator. The situation soon gets out of hand, but Sylar comes in and saves him. As Noah is taking Flint back to the car, Sylar locks himself in the bank and acquires Jesse’s ability. Later, Noah reveals that he’s waiting until Sylar reveals a weakness, so that he can kill him (3.03 One of Us, One of Them).

After March 23 2007 – Noah and Sylar go to capture Stephen Canfield, an evolved human with the ability to create vortexes. When the arrive, they find that Claire is already there, trying to help him. Canfield creates a vortex that nearly sucks in Claire, but Sylar saves her. Claire tries to convince her father to talk to Canfield so that they can find an arrangement, instead of capturing him. But once they meet, Noah threatens to kill Canfield if he won’t suck Sylar in a vortex – Canfield refuses and kills himself with his own vortex, causing Claire’s anger (3.04 Angels and Monsters). When Claire, Sandra and Meredith are nearly killed by Eric Doyle, Noah turns up and decides it’s time he took a new partner, Meredith (3.05 Dying in the Light). This however doesn’t turn out very well as Meredith and Noah disagree on how to handle families of people with abilities (comic: Partners). On their first mission together they enter Mohinder’s lair and free Nathan and Tracy Strauss (3.06 Eris Quod Sum).

Noah is training a very angry and distrustful Claire in Stephen Canfield’s empty home when Sylar and Elle attack them. While Noah subdues Sylar, Elle shoots at him, but Claire takes the bullet. Her ability has been deactivated by the eclipse. Noah knocks Elle out and brings Claire home to look after her wound, refusing to bring her to the hospital. He then goes out, against his wife’s advice, to find Sylar (3.08 The Eclipse Pt 1). He bursts into the Canfield house, firing at Sylar and Elle, and manages to hit her. They flee and he hunts them down to the storeroom of a drugstore, where Noah catches Sylar and slits his throat. In the meantime, Claire was very ill because her immune system was insufficient, but the eclipse ended just in time for her powers to save her. She accuses Noah of abandoning her again when he returns. This means that Sylar has also healed, and he and Elle appear in the Bennet’s sitting room shortly thereafter, threatening to kill Bennet. The Bennets are saved when Hiro removes Sylar and Elle from the house and places them on an island far away (3.09 The Eclipse Pt 2).

Sylar finally manages to hold Meredith, Noah, Claire and Angela hostage in Primatech. He taunts them over the loudspeakers and tries to get Claire to "give" him Noah. Noah releases some of the prisoners on Level Five, telling them that if they kill Sylar they can go free, and effectively using them as bait. Sylar manages to capture Meredith and inject her with adrenaline, before locking her in a room with Noah. The adrenaline makes her unable to contol her powers and she threatens to burn them both, unless Bennet shoots her. With the help of Claire and Noah’s cool-headedness, they manage to get out of the room, but Meredith’s power is getting out of control. After stabbing Sylar in the head with a piece of glass, Claire, Noah and Angela manage to escape the building just before Meredith makes it explode in flames.

Volume Four

[to be continued]

Volume Five

[to be continued]

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