Noah Bennet Links

General information

Official NBC Heroes Website

Noah Bennet @HeroesWiki

LJ groups

mr_bennet – a general community for fans of HRG, lots of news about HRG and Jack.

morallygrayfic – a community for slash fanfic/art involving HRG.

brave_new_slash – a community for the Claude/Bennet pairing.

monnet_ftw – a community for the Mohinder/Bennet pairing.

matt_hrg – a community for the Matt/Bennet pairing.

glasses_crush – a community for the Zach/Bennet pairing.

noaire – a community for the Claire/Bennet pairing (platonic and shippy).

paper_pwns_all – a community for fanfic/art involving any characters from the Company.


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