More details about Jack’s Role in Castle

Nosey as we are, we’ve found a few more tidbits about Jack Coleman in Castle. The first thing is this photo, found on

So, his name is William H. Bracken. William is usually shortened to Bill… so he’s a Senator in the Office, and he was a Bill in both Criminal Minds and The Vampire Diaries. Is there a word for being cast in the same name all the time? Nametypecast?

It’s worth mentioning again that the show’s creator, Andrew Marlowe, described this character as a “well-liked U.S. senator who finds himself in conflict with Beckett”.

This picture is from the filming of episode 5.01, “After The Storm” (this was announced by Castle writer Terri Edda Miller on Twitter). At least we’ll be seeing his face in this episode, but will he have lines? Time will tell!

A few more articles about this… the web is really buzzing about it at the moment!

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