A Senator in Castle…

These last few days I’ve spent many a sad night grumbling about Emily Owens and listening to Ms Dref22, my partner in crime on this site, express her regrets about this too (this is a huge euphemism). But tonight she suddenly underwent a change of mood… she told me she felt that Jack would have a good thing coming despite having been cut from EOMD. And then a few hours later, boom, the news comes out:

Jack Coleman has been cast for the next season of Castle on ABC. He will play the role of a Senator who antagonises Detective Beckett.

Links to articles mentioning this:

Whoo! Where do I start?!
Popular, quality, well-established TV show? Check!
Lots of awesomeness potential from being a naughty politician again? Check!
Extra geek squeeing because he’ll be onscreen with Stana Katic (who was also in Heroes) again? Check!

All the fans are a-twitter (HINT HINT HINT Mr Coleman) about this news, all very very happy about it, whether they’re Jack fans or Castle fans! Jack would make an excellent addition to this show, so this time things had better go to plan!

Also, I’m a little afraid of Ms Dref, now…

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