Jack Coleman to appear in #ChicagoPD

There is no official announcement yet but apparently Jack Coleman will appear in the NBC show, “Chicago PD“.

Jack Coleman tweeted this photo of himself with Patrick John Flueger. We will update when we have more info about this episode!

More pics of Jack Coleman from the #Blacklistlive reading of “Your Bridesmaid Is A Bitch”

 photo 10388111_10152556320728613_8321744931989919266_n.jpg
 photo 10687022_10152556321033613_7917299569106372342_n.jpg
 photo 10801498_10152556323333613_2682956498639819712_n.jpg
 photo 10410943_10152556320883613_1178898927763672077_n.jpg
 photo 10384689_10152556322443613_4676692837247235499_n.jpg
 photo 11697_10152556321313613_487137005844534124_n.jpg

You can see rest of the pics from the event here on the event’s Facebook page: Your Bridesmaid is a Bitch: Black List Live

Jack Coleman to appear at the Hollywood Show

Attention Jack Coleman fans, and especially Dynasty fans!

 photo jc10403488_550966415004938_4842705171497478384_n_zpsf731ce80.jpg

Jack Coleman will be at the Hollywood Show, a convention in Los Angeles that will take place on January 23rd – 25th 2015 at The Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel.

There are many other Dynasty guests, including Al Corley (two Stevens!), John James, Gordon Thomson, Pamela Sue Martin and the fabulous Joan Collins.

Eric Roberts, who played HRG’s awesomely evil boss Mr Thompson in Heroes, will also be attending.

Check their website for details and tickets!

Your Bridesmaid is a Bitch

The live reading of Your Bridesmaid is a Bitch, organised by Black List Live! took place yesterday. It looks like Jack played “Dad”. I had my money on “father of the bride” so I at least got part of it right.

A pic from the live reading:

 photo JCtumblr_nf4dhwSotz1qakcaxo1_1280_zps3c73d69c.jpg

And relaxing afterwards with Michael Trevino and Zachary Levi:

 photo JCB2ldYtLCUAAjC7Mjpglarge_zpsfe478afa.jpg
Posted by Mr Coleman himself.

I hope it was awesome and regret not seeing him in a comedy, for once!

Jack Coleman in a #blacklistlive reading

Jack Coleman will be doing a live reading tonight:
 photo EkranResmi2014-11-15131414copy.png(Saturday, November 15, 2014 from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM (PST) Los Angeles, CA)

Here’s more info and tickets to the event:

Black List Live! presents Brian Duffield’s YOUR BRIDESMAID IS A BITCH

Here’s an exciting #Castle scoop for Jack Coleman fans!

From EW’s Spoiler Room:

Are we done with the Bracken storyline on Castle? — John
If I had to guess, I’d say not so much. Showrunner David Amann says that although most of the storytelling surrounding Beckett’s mom is done, there is a “Bracken-related storyline that presents later in the season.” “We like Bracken as a character,” he says. “We think he’s an interesting person to access and there may be a reason moving forward to go back to him again.” Now the question is: Does it have to do with Castle’s disappearance?

It seems like we haven’t seen the last of Senator Bracken yet!

Jack Coleman interview from the set of “The Submarine Kid”

He talks about what attracted him the most about the script in his first interview:

You can also check out more interviews with the cast and behind the scenes footage here on the campaign page for the movie. Don’t forget to contribute!

New images from the movie @TheSubmarineKid

Several images from The Submarine Kid were posted on the official Facebook page of the movie and two of them have Jack Coleman:

 photo 10612995_374292466056177_6492320416160561013_n.jpg

 photo 10592710_374292532722837_7808949823870302493_n.jpg

There is also a behind the scenes footage on the crowdfunding page of the movie here on Indiegogo. You can see a glimpse of Jack Coleman in the first minute of the video.

Don’t forget to contribute so they can finish post production!

Jack Coleman will be voicing Doctor Strange again in Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors

Here’s the synopsis of the episode titled “Cloak and Dagger:

Spider-Man wants to recruit Cloak and Dagger as new warriors for his S.H.I.E.L.D. team. Complicating the matter however are Dormammu taking control of Cloak and Doctor Strange in an attempt to invade Earth, and Cloak and Dagger’s own trust issues.

Cloak and Dagger” will be airing this Sunday (September 14) at 10:30am ET/PT inside the Marvel Universe on Disney XD.

Source: Comicbook

Jack Coleman will attend Court Celebrities Fanfest

Jack Coleman tweeted that he will be at the Courts Celebrity Show at the Burbank Airport Marriott Convention Center on September 26 and 27. Mark your calendars!

Jack Coleman’s tweet

Here’s the official site of the autograph event: Court Celebrities Fanfest